Can you send videos from your Web browser to your dome projector?

Select 1080p and Fullscreen in the player

Movie playing smoothly? Video going to your projector?  Great!
That's all you need to...

• The ability to stream a 1080p Web video to your projector — from a desktop computer, Roku, Chromecast or mobile device.

• Strong, reliable Internet access.

• A small amount of available moolah on your charge card.

FULLDOME OnDemand is best suited for those with standard spherical mirror/HD projector setups, such as:

e-Planetarium NewtonianFisheye-lens projector

• Warped Media from Ash Enterprises

• Newtonian systems from e-Planetarium

Also, "1K" fisheye lens systems, such as:

• Digitarium models from Digitalis Education Solutions

• Digital Starlab models from Science First

FULLDOME OnDemand streams 1080p video. Prewarped movies are 1920x1080 pixels; fisheye movies are 1080x1080 pixels. Each rental package has both; you simply play the ones your system uses.

If you're used to working with big, sliced, pre-loaded movie files...

Since FULLDOME OnDemand streams single-channel 1080p videos, you may want to contact your hardware provider to figure out a way to get our streams into your system and onto the dome. Of course, you can always play them in your portable dome!

If you have sketchy Internet access...

While VHX's servers are quite capable, you'll want to do all you can to minimize the chances of showing a "Buffering..." spinner to audiences. Try this tip for pre-buffering the stream. We do note a user reported that even a 4G smartphone can stream our videos. You just need a phone capable of outputting an HDMI signal, and the appropriate cable. You'll just have to try it!

If your projector can't properly scale a fullscreen 1080x1080px square or 1920x1080px rectangle...

It may squash the incoming image. Then there will be black bars on the sides of the display, so the geometry will be off when projected on the dome or bounced off the spherical mirror. You'll just have to try it! Experiment with our grids and trailers, and see for yourself what happens.

If your fulldome system makes it difficult to route around the planetarium control software...

With FULLDOME OnDemand, you're playing an Internet video in a Web browser; you aren't using the planetarium software. You might need to run your browser on another device, and plug it into the External Video input on the projector. The gyrations needed to set up these conditions may prove daunting for some. You'll just have to try it! Experiment with our grids and trailers, and see for yourself what happens.

Pick your show, Pay, and Play...

• From the menu bar, choose vuBROWSE SHOWS

Find your movie, and select rentRENT NOW

screen grabscreen grab

• The "Pay" page appears; you submit your online payment info. You can also see what videos are in the package.

screen grab screen grab screen grab

• After the payment is processed, a "Thanks" page will display a START WATCHING button.

Select it, and you go to the show's "Watch" page.

screen grab screen grab

• Select the show, trailer or grid you want, and send your device's video display to your fulldome projector.

• Press PLAY and enjoy!

Your rental period is 72 consecutive hours. During that time, you can play the movie as often as you want, to as many audiences as you want.

It's that easy!

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