17 November 2017

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Welcome, Houston Museum of Natural Science!

Six Popular Shows Added

Through the distribution services of ePlanetarium, we've got more shows available to rent/stream!

Earth's Wild Ride is like many tales shared by grandparents over the centuries, except "the old country" is really another planet, always visible from the moon base, but totally unlike the granddaughter's world. While learning about eclipses, the ice age, Earth's water cycle and differences between the Earth and Moon, the audience is taken on a roller-coaster-like ride through canyons of raging rivers and hot flowing lava.

Extreme weather takes center stage in Force Five. Experience the devastating effects of hurricanes, tornadoes, and space storms, and learn how to predict and survive these monsters.

With muscles and bones made on Earth, you'll be a super star on the solar system's low-gravity worlds. In The Great Planet Adventures, explore our vision of space colonies on planets, moons, and asteroids — the resources available and how to have fun! Available in a General Public version and The Great Planet Adventures - Kids edit.

Impact! takes you out into space with astronaut Tom Jones to learn about meteors, meteorites, asteroids, and comets, and the dangers they can pose to life on Earth.

We Choose Space features astronauts Scott Parazinsky, Tom Jones, Gene Cernan, and veteran space reporter Walter Cronkite as your tour guides on this adventure to the International Space Station and to the past and future moon.

Though we're just starting out with these, HMNS has created a dozen more shows. So perhaps if these meet with success, we'll have even more titles to offer you in the future. Let us know what you'd like to see!


Here's last year's news, if you haven't been here for a while and want to catch up.

Mark C. Petersen, webmaster